Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Rafi ahmad and yuni shara gosip indonesian celebrity

TEMPO.CO , chaotic affair, and Raffi Ahmad Crossfade attract more attention. In an anniversary celebrations next year at the Plaza Semanggi Centro, Saturday, November 5, 2011 last night, one friend to speak Crossfade love story concerned with the pelantun sobatnya tembang No maap From you this. "He (Yuni) mind, not happy himself ledekan always be material. In excruciating musical, Yuni and Raffi relations are often the object bercandaan, "said one of his fellow artists who refuse to Crossfade mention his name. Taio According to friends, because the conditions berwajahb cute artist who has always been a single parent status candaan materials or in the event driven ledekan Raffi with several other artists, self-Yuni was troubled. "The state held two discussions are not married, and do not have children, so very sad and choose Yuni broke," said her friend was collecting feelings Yuni. Furthermore, The companion's view, Yuni also have to keep feeling that her mother was ill and are often seen or heard these parodies. "Yuni Mama is sick, and almost every day to see parodies that may make mamanya sad." Indeed, he says that his Yuni, on a chance to say that Raffi is driven musical loaded with bercandaan, guyonan or ledekan. "But, Yuni can not accept and choose back from this relationship," said the friend is sad tone. The friend was saying because of rumor ledekan, guyonan or candaan is tipped to trigger retaknya Raffi relations and Yuni, but in the meantime the two decided to break or fail. "As a friend and a good friend I support any decision Yuni. It may be a way out of this problem makes it strong and keep happy, "says her friend is full of hope sighed. Yes, we pray for that bounce songs permasalahaan Taio Best Road is sought immediately resolved and tipped as the best way to dinyanyikannya tembang. Hopefully you find the best way, Yuni! HADRIANI P


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